It used to be stockings with a back seam evoked images of pin up girls from the 1940’s. However, they are making a come back in a big way. Nowadays, they can be found in a variety of colors and textures including two toned with the seam a different color than the stocking. They can be worn for all occasions and are suitable for casual looks to formal affairs. These vintage stockings in classic colors are very much in style today. With retro looks all the rage, it is no wonder fashion conscious ladies are moving to this type of stockings to round out their look.

Not only will these stockings make a retro style look more authentic but you will feel great in them too. Consider wearing a 1940’s style flapper dress with a pair of seamed stockings. This is perfect for a night out on the town with friends or a hot date. Don’t forget to style your hair and do your make up a la flapper girls. If you want to get an authentic look, this is the perfect style and suitable for any dressy occasion.

nd lined and updated it. But without a doubt, you will see seamed stockings paired with these clothes on the runway more often. Vintage seamed stockings are definitely back in vogue and you should not be left behind!

Look through your current wardrobe at business suits, skirts and dresses. Chances are many of your clothing could be spruced up a bit with the simple addition of these gorgeous stockings. Some of the clothing you’ve worn for years will get a new but vintage look by just adding some seamed stockings. You will look and feel ultra feminine in them and turn heads wherever you go.