With the variety of shutters and blinds on sale these days, I have heard people wonder if perhaps plantation shutters are going out of style, and that they aren’t as popular as they had been in years past. It is an interesting question, though there doesn’t seem to be a simple answer to this question.

As far as whether or not they still look stylish, it does depend a lot on the style of the housing itself. While they definitely do still look good on colonial style houses, they should not be limited to only this type of house. These days, plantation shutters have changed a good deal to where they can look appealing on almost any window style. Of course, they’re not suited to every style of house either.

One of the main reasons that people are not buying them these days has more to do with their cost rather than their looks. They are not cheap, and even if you buy faux wood plantation shutters rather than hard wood shutters you’ll still have to outlay a fair amount of money for them, often much more than you would pay for other types of blinds.

As they are expensive to buy, another question often asked is how installing plantation shutters will affect the resale value of a home and whether or not it is worth the expense. There is no hard and fast rule regarding this, as it really depends a lot on the area. If you do have questions though, and you want to know if it will up the resale value before investing a lot of money in shutters, you should check with local real estate agents and see what they think.

Of course, what is considered classy and in vogue when it comes to shutters and blinds may change over the years, which is another thing to take into consideration when buying them. Perhaps what you initially thought was a good investment, something that would pay off later when selling your house, may no longer be such an asset when the time comes to sell.

Really, the bottom line when it comes to deciding whether or not to install plantation shutters or doing any other renovation is whether you will base your decisions on your own personal preferences, or if you are more concerned about how it will affect the resale value in your home. Both are real concerns, and it is up to you to decide in advance what is the most important to you.