1. Plan For Mental And Physical Strength

Most high-impact and ambitious leaders are excellent at planning professional goals, but they forget to secure time for energy renewal. We recommend looking at the 2020 agenda and plan for family events to participate in, friends’ reunions or routine outings to go to, winter holidays, summer holidays, regular “me time.” All of this will ensure that you will be physically and mentally balanced in 2020.

2. Focus On Only A Few Priorities

Look at the overly ambitious goals we all seem to make every year and slow your roll. A few key priorities are enough to power up your 2020. To have 2020 career vision, We recommend you get with your key players and really hone down those goals and get buy-in for the new year. For example, with three key priorities or bites of the elephant you will have to-dos that will make your list long enough.

3. Be Ready To Give And Take Feedback

Always open to give & take feedback as an individual or as an organisation. Despite what you may think about your workers receiving feedback about their performance, research shows that they not only want it, but they also want to give it to you so as your family & loved ones. A whopping 65% of workers want more feedback. And that number swells to 80% for younger workers (76% of which also want to give their bosses feedback). So as 2020 kicks off, be generous with your feedback and open to criticism yourself.

4. Celebrate Wins And Acknowledge Losses

As a leader reviews the wins and losses of the previous year, it is powerful to revisit the wins that were experienced. Acknowledging the misses through story will help ensure lessons are taken forward as valuable learning experiences. Casting a compelling vision will help generate momentum for a bright start to the new year

5. Conduct Your Own SWOT Analysis

In addition to setting business strategy for the new year, be sure to set your own leadership strategy by conducting a personal SWOT analysis. Ask trusted, objective colleagues: “What are my top leadership strengths?”, “What are my top weaknesses?”, “What are my growth opportunities?”, “What are the internal (mindset) and external (marketplace) threats to my success?”. Plan your goals based on the feedback.